County Clerk

The County Clerk is the official bookkeeper of county government and serves as the clerk for the county and probate courts. The clerk keeps a regular account between the treasurer and the county. The clerk prepares all checks on the treasury of monies ordered to be paid by the county court.
The County Clerk keeps complete, permanent records of the proceedings of the quorum court. In probate court, the clerk files instruments in decedent estate cases. The clerk maintains adoptions and guardianship records within the county.
The County Clerk serves as the secretary of the Board of Equalization, records the minutes of their meetings and extends the taxes in the information provided by the assessor and the Board of Equalization.


Marriage Licenses
  • Standard Marriage License
    • Cost is 60.00 in cash (no checks please). Debit/Credit card accepted with fee.
    • Both parties must be present with photo I.D and Social Security Card.
    • Ages 18-21 must also provide a birth certificate.
    • Age 17: Both parents must be present. If parents are divorced, the custodial parent will need to be present with the latest court order granting custody, (There is waiting period of five (5) business days.)
  • Covenant Marriage License
    In order to have a Covenant Marriage Licenses issued, which is optional, you must go through several months of counseling by a minister, priest, rabbi clerk of the Society of Friends, any clergy member of any religious sect, a licensed professional counselor, licensed associate counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical psychologist or licensed associate marriage and family therapist.

Business Information

Doing Business Under Assumed Name Certificates

Arkansas law requires that no person shall conduct or transact business in the state under an assumed name or under any designated name or style, corporate or otherwise, other than the real name of the individual conducting of transacting such business, unless the person files a certificate in the office of the County Clerk of the counties in which the person conducts or transacts or intends to conduct the business. DBA certificates are filed and recorded in the office of the County Clerk. A person or persons desiring to file a DBA is required to complete the certificate form and sign it before a notary public.

The filing fee for this DBA certificate is $25.00

The types of businesses that would typically use the form are sole proprietorship’s and general partnerships.

The DBA certificate is filed in the County Clerk’s office and must be accomplished by:

1. In person; or
2. Mailing with the form and $25.00

Instructions: Print the form from the link below and bring form and appear in person with photo I.D. OR send by mail with notarized signature and SASE.

Other Filings

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Minister’s Credentials:
    A minister must have his/her credentials recorded with the state before performing marriage ceremonies
  • Equalization Board petitions

Legislative Duties

  • Quorum and County Court
  • Voter registration and Absentee, Early voting
  • Recording and issuing of licenses and other records
  • Board of Equalization
Karen Smith

Karen Smith

County Clerk

200 E 3rd / PO Box 1420
Hope, AR 71802-1420

Phone: (870) 777-2241
Fax: (870) 777-7829