County Collector Duties

Arkansas State Law requires that Personal Property Taxes be collected with or before Real Estate Taxes. If you owe Personal Property Taxes, we cannot accept your Real Estate Tax payment electronically until the Personal Property Tax has been paid.
If there are errors on your electronic Tax Statements or you do not own property for which you are billed, please contact us at 870-777-4103.

Taxes are due March 1st through October 15th.

County Real Estate & Property Tax Guide

This notice is not only for new residents, but also first time vehicle and homeowners.

County Taxes

Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes are used to help support Schools, Cities, Roads, Jails, and County expenses in Faulkner County. It is a tax of about 1% of the value of your home, mobile home, land, car, truck, trailer, four-wheeler, boat, tractor, livestock, business building, inventory, and other items that you may own.

Important Tax Dates

Remember to assess all Personal Property between January 1st and May 31st of each year. This will generate a tax to be paid the following year on or before October 15th. Each and every year thereafter, you will Assess and Pay on these Dates. A 10% late assessment fee will be added to anyone assessing personal property after the May 31st deadline. (New purchases will have 30 days after purchase to assess without penalty) A 10% penalty will be added to Personal Property and Real Estate taxes paid after October 10th plus 10% annual interest on Real Estate taxes.

Tax Statements

Tax Statements are mailed out in the spring of each year. Call our office if your Tax Statement hasn’t arrived by July 1. Arkansas collects Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes one year in the arrear. Example: 2018 taxes are collected on or before October 15, 2019.

Tax Credit

The owner and occupant of one home or one mobile home may receive up to a $375 Homestead Credit each year that you live at that location. You need to apply only once for the Homestead Credit but must reapply when moving to another location. Other benefits may also apply for those that are totally disabled or over the age of 65. Call your county assessor for more information call (870)777-6190.  Disabled American Veterans rated 100% totally and permanently service-connected disabled are entitled to a tax exemption. Call (870)777-6190 for more information.


The Revenue office requires your title, bill of sale or statement of origin, insurance, current year assessment and proof of paid taxes to register your vehicle and receive your tags. A paid tax receipt from a previous county is best but we can also call the previous county for verification. You will need to live in one county for 2 years to be able to pay your tag renewal by phone or online…

Pay Taxes

Arkansas Collector’s tax books are open for payments the first business day of March of each year through October 15th without penalty. You may mail payments to the address listed or come to the Hempstead County Courthouse between the hours of 8:00 AM & 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays or posted closures). Payments can also be made on-line Please note a fee will be charged to your credit card when using official payments.

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